A Guide to Tape In Hair Extensions

Im sure you’ve heard hair extensions are high maintenance, damaging to your natural hair, and very expensive. But what if we told you that you can have fuller, longer and thicker hair without spending hours in a salon and without burning a hole in your wallet? It’s all possible with tape in hair extensions!

What are Tape In Hair Extensions?

example of tape in hair extensionsTape ins are the newest method in the extension world. They are secured to the hair with a keratin based tape and require no heating tools to apply. The bonds lay completely flat against the head and are very comfortable. Tape ins work just as well on all hair types, thick or thin, and they look like your own natural hair. You also may be surprised to hear they’re almost half the cost of other extension methods.

We love them because they’re much quicker to install and give a fuller, more natural result. And here’s the best part… wait for it… YOU CAN REUSE THE HAIR! Yes, you read that correctly, you can reuse tape in extensions multiple times while maintaining your look.

So what’s the process like?

It all starts with a free consultation, we sit down with you one-on-one and discuss what your looking for. We will color match your hair and discuss desired length. These extensions come in all different hair colors, including ombre! We can even add two different colors together, resulting in a great highlighted effect. Finally, you will make your appointment to come and get your extensions installed.

During installation, the hair extension hair is bonded to inch-long super sticky keratin tape. Thin sections of your natural hair is then sandwiched between two of these strips. We repeat this process, working our way up the head. We strategically place the strands in order to blend properly with the natural flow of your hair.The whole process takes about 2 1/2 hours. This might sound easy enough for DIY, but placement is the key to successful results, so we strongly recommend leaving it to the professionals. To bring the whole look together, we offer a precision haircut that adds movement and blends everything together flawlessly.

You might be asking yourself “Super sticky keratin tape? Isn’t that going to pull out my hair?” You can relax, if applied correctly and treated with care, tape in extensions pose no threat to the overall health of your natural hair.

How do I maintain my new extensions at home?

Wash, blow-dry, flat iron, and curl. Treat them as you would your own natural hair: gently. Use the products given to you by your stylist to shampoo, condition, and style with. Like natural hair, extensions are most fragile when wet. It’s best to dry your roots and bonds with a blow-dryer before styling to prevent any tugging on the wet bonds. Always sleep with your hair in a loose braid, it not only helps prevent any tangling during the night but also results in the world’s easiest waves.

What happens when my extensions grow out?

As your hair grows out, the bond inches farther away from the root. The further the bond is from the root, the more likely it will twist and tangle, possibly revealing your well-kept secret. Since you can reuse tape ins, it’s possible to simply move them up rather than install new ones. We recommend having them moved up every 8-10 weeks. The old tape that is on your extensions, gently gets peeled off and replaced with a new piece of tape. VOILA! You have brand new hair.

When it’s time to have your extensions moved up or taken out (which you will never want to do!) we use an oil based solution that loosens the adhesive, then gently removes the extensions. After that, all you need is a couple of shampoos and the solution will be completely removed from the hair.

Are tape in hair extensions right for me?

With this new method for extensions gaining popularity, tape in hair extensions offer the fullest and most natural looking results of any extensions on the market. Combine this with a significantly lower cost to install and maintain, and you have an easy decision to make for your new look.